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The Grace Brethren Junior/ Senior High School Fine Arts Department is dedicated to preparing young people to be skilled artists with a heart for God. Whatever level of talent or desire on the part of any student, we strive to fully nurture and develop it into an appreciation of the arts. Recognizing individual accomplishment and abilities is encouraged but always accompanied with a balance of humility and glory to our Creator. We strive to incorporate the technological advances of our time so to expand the variety and creative possibilities of creative expression through Performing and Visual Art.

All of the Fine Arts – whether music, art, or drama – are not only gifts from the Lord, but throughout history He has used them to communicate His truths to the world, and to glorify Himself and His creation. Psalm 33:3 commands that we perform skillfully and with enthusiasm. The Fine Arts Department of Grace Brethren High School applies that command to every artistic discipline.

While we delight in those students in whom special talent resides, our primary goal as Christian educators is to promote the understanding that the arts and our love for them are God’s unique gifts to all. Whatever level of talent or desire on the part of any given student, part of our duty is to nurture that desire and develop the gift and appreciation of the arts to the fullest. We teach that the object of the student in developing their artistic gifts is to glorify God in a uniquely personal and creative way.

In each discipline ethnic diversities will be reflected, both to appreciate the variety of God’s creation, and in order to be equipped to make an impact for the Lord in any cultural setting. As a Department, we also strive to encourage interdisciplinary study and understanding, giving students a wider perspective of how God has used artistic expressions of man in every period of social history and development.

We strive to add and incorporate the technological advances of our time, so to expand the variety, and creative possibilities of artistic expression in all disciplines, and to prepare students as fully as possible for career and stewardship opportunities in all the arts.

We encourage the students to develop their gifts, and align their choices, morals, and attitudes as that of an artist with a heart for God.

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